Digital Law - Font Advocats
The Digital Law area of Font Advocats offers a comprehensive legal coverage to protect companies against the risks of operating on the Internet: information society, privacy and personal data, IP and image rights.
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Digital Law

Legal risk coverage in the digital environment
Digital economy

Legal advice to companies and platforms operating in the digital environment or are in a process of digital transformation:


  • Electronic commerce and corporate policies
  • Online advertising, promotions and digital campaigns
  • Technology and software contracts
  • Protocols for the use of electronic and technological media and devices, for the use of social networks, blogs and / or channels for internal reporting (whistleblowing)
  • Legal coverage of apps, web pages, digital platforms
  • Advice on the sharing economy
  • Assistance in digital inheritance matters
  • Legal defense in technological litigation
  • Legal advice in the use of disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, drones, etc.
Personal data

Legal advice to companies in the area of personal data protection in accordance with local and european law:


  • Partial or complete adaptations to local and European data protection regulations
  • Video surveillance
  • Privacy audits and periodic updates
  • Regularization of Big Data
  • Rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, limitation and suppression (right to be forgotten)
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) services
  • Assistance in sanctioning files and inspections of the Spanish Data Protection Agency
  • Impact Assessment
  • Risk Analysis and Protocols ENA/ISO 27001

Legal advice to companies in the area of IP and image rights:


  • Legal protection of software/technology and content on the Internet
  • Acquisitions, transfers and recovery of domain names
  • Registration of trademarks, commercial names and inventions (state and international level)
  • Transfers and/or licenses of trademarks, commercial names, software, know-how, confidentiality and image rights
  • Legal defense in infringements of image rights, domain names and IP