Font Advocats | Compliance & Risk legal services of Font Advocats, law firm of Digital and Technological Law
The Compliance & Risk area of Font Advocats offers specific preventive programs so that companies enjoy the best protection: criminal compliance (review, update and implementation of crime prevention and detection models), money laundering and business secrets and cybersecurity.
Compliance & Risk, Font Advocats, criminal compliance, crime prevention and detection models, money laundering, business secrets, cybersecurity
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Compliance & Risk

Specific preventive programs

Review, update and implementation of crime prevention and detection models (MPD):


  • Report of criminal risks
  • Improvement of existing protocols and new organizational measures. Specifically, the necessary internal regulations for the prevention of crimes will be designed in accordance with article 31 bis 5 of Spanish Criminal Code:
    1. Ethical code
    2. Organic protocols (procedures that regulate structural and organizational issues that affect the company)
    3. Procedural protocols (protocols focused to the detection and reaction of criminal risks)
    4. Substantive protocols (Criminal protocols associated with the specific activity of the company)
  • Training sessions to the Governing Body and to the Corporate Compliance Body
  • Implementation of manuals, protocols and complaint channels in accordance with Law
  • Implementation of organizational, technical-computer and legal measures to comply with confidentiality protection measures
Informatic security
Prevention of security incidents:


  • Analysis and technical risk report to know the level of maturity and robustness of security, detect its weaknesses and propose improvement actions (external and internal pentest)
  • Implementation of technical security measures and preparation of situation reports