Cybercrime & Reputation - Font Advocats
The Cybercrime and Online Reputation area of Font Advocats offers legal services for the defense of individuals and companies that have suffered infringements on the Internet: phishing, sexting, identity theft, etc.
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Cybercrime & Reputation

Legal defense for Internet infringements
Criminal defense

Legal defense against infringements suffered on the Internet, both extrajudicial and in the Courts, mainly:


  • Phishing/Pharming
  • Computer Attacks and Damages
  • Disclosure of secrets
  • Breach of intimacy (“Sexting”)
  • Slander, libel and defamations
  • Threats and Extortions
  • Harassment (“Grooming”/“Stalking”)
Preventive and reactive legal defense

Advice and legal out of court defense of people and companies victims of infringements committed on the internet. reputation crisis management and removal of negative content:

  • Impersonations of identity
  • Copyright and trademark infringements
  • Illegitimate use of personal data
  • Harmful content
  • Damages to honour